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  • Product, Training & Infographic Videos
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Let Us Help You Produce a Video for your Company Website and/or Social Media. Web Product and Marketing Videos are The Best Way To Advertise Your Products and Services or to Introduce Your Company

Web Video Production & Video Marketing Services NY

Client Video TestimonialsClient Video Testimonials

Customer video testimonials and video reviews for your website. These types of video are very effective in adding a human dimension to your business; while also allowing potential customers or clients to have an opportunity to connect to others with similar experiences on a much deeper level then writing and still pictures can.

Optimized Video Increases Search Engine Rankings Video Increases Search Rankings

Having original informative video content on your website increases your chances of obtaining a first page search engine ranking, while increasing audience engagement.

Social Media Video Marketing SMMSocial Media Video Marketing

Videos provide a great opportunity to create new content such as Video blogs, Webinars and other Content Marketing, to promote your brand can be posted to your website, and shared via YouTube, Facebook and other social marketing websites.

Video Press Announcements Video Press Announcements

Share video press releases and major video announcements with your customers or clients, which is not only very effective, but its also the fastest and easiest way to assist your targeted viewers to understand and consume your video content.

Demonstrative and Informative InfographicsProduct, Training, & Infographic Videos

Product Demos, video infographics, video training, video interviews, and live video event coverage, and viral video marketing, are all great opportunities to share more information about your brand and business without overtly ‘selling’ your products and brand

Video Content for Company Email and Company Newsletters Email & Newsletter Video Content

Email & Newsletter Video Content’ text=’Add a video to your email marketing campaigns. Either add a screenshot that people can click on that leads them to a video on your website, or embed the video in the email, either of which are the best ways for your email viewers to consume your information and makes it a great, engaging way for your content to be shared while driving traffic to your companies website or social media platforms, which will improve your google and other search engine rankings.

Motion Graphics ProductionVideo Motion Graphics

We specializes in motion graphics, like some of the videos on this website. These are effective if your message has a lot of statistics or data. Our video production team can take your message and develop a motion graphic “explainer” video. What’s great about this approach is that while it is an easy to understand and persuasive way to narrate your story without the expense of utilizing live actors, requiring multiple signed releases, video crew, and perhaps multiple video shoots.

Web Video Hosting Services Video Hosting Services

We provide video hosting and video optimization services to insure that your Videos lead back to your website to increase traffic and not back to another website where they may be hosted, for example, Youtube & Vimeo, both good video services, on which if the videos are posted incorrectly they will not increase your website traffic, which is a main purpose of video search engine optimization.

Video is Most Often The Most Productive Way To Highlight Your Product or Get Your Message Across

Online, potential clients and customers, in New York City, and throughout the U.S., are only interested in engaging and interactive content that is relevant and to the point. To be a serious brand, your business must have a video-marketing strategy to complement its other marketing sources and methods. The way that people watch videos has been rapidly changing as consumers steadily migrate from conventional living room TVs to viewing on their smart phones, tablets and notebook computers, and your company videos need to reach potential consumers where they are.

Whatever context video is shown in, the statistics, and perhaps your own experience will inform you that Video marketing has a major effect on sales and brand awareness. Web video is where potential customers are spending their web browsing time. That’s why a majority of marketers have plans to produce and deploy marketing videos on their websites, and in emails, in the form of video announcements, video testimonials, video blogs, and so much more, some of which are designed to be shared on social media.

Videos Produced by Intelligent Web Concepts, for Your Video Marketing Strategy

Reasons Why Companies Produce Web Videos and Engage in Video Marketing

  • Videos are pervasive, valuable and the best major way of communicating a variety of messages to customers
  • The chances of getting a page one listing on google search is increased dramatically with video
  • All Video copywriting is professionally proof read and edited, prior to online dissemination
  • On average a website visitor will stay 2 minutes longer when watching a video
  • Buy 2017 video can be as much as 90% of internet traffic
  • 65% visit the company website after viewing the companies video to make purchase decisions
  • 139% more brand impact

  • 87% of social media users follow their brand’s videos on youtube, facebook and twitter
  • Post with video links will attract 3X more visitors
  • Online videos are 100% socially more engaging
  • Higher click through rates (CTR)
  • More social engagement
  • 46% more conversion lift
  • Greater overall Brand Exposure