Web Design Types, Features & Functions

  • E-commerce Online Stores
  • Mobile Websites
  • Blogging Websites
  • Social Networking Websites
  • Directory & Search Engine Websites
  • Informational Websites
  • Company Websites
  • Online Forums
  • Web 2.0 Websites
  • File Sharing Cloud Based Websites

Contact Us to Design a Website and Social Media Presence For Your Start-up or For A Review of Your Companies Current Website and Social Media Web Presence and The Best Way To Advertise Your Products and Services

Most businesses, in advertising their services, have come to realize that the Internet is a critical avenue in which to seek potential client opportunities. Most potential law firm clients are searching the internet through multiple devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. To be effective, your law firm’s website has to be responsively designed; which means that your website’s clear, informative, attractive and engaging content, has to come up in a consistent manner, across any device in which its viewed; while calling the potential client to action, that is, getting them to contact you or your law firm or other business.

At Intelligent Web Concepts, we design, build and implement law firm and other websites that utilize state-of-the-art programming and are search engine and user friendly, cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. We utilize the latest in computer programming code, along with best practices in interface design, to create a pleasant and productive user experience for all devices. We will also work with you to make sure that your website meets its design objectives, including, for example; branding, product or service sales, customer or client acquisition and retention, and or the dissemination of information.

Our Web Design, Development, and Implementation Services are Available to Help Your Company:

Blogging and online diary websitesBlogging & Online Diary Websites

We design and install blog software on a standalone basis, or as an add-on to your existing website if you have one. Our blogs are easy to maintain and update, while providing you with a blog design, that will facilitate your making a profit if your content attracts a following. The HuffingtonPost.com™ is an example of a money making blog type website

eCommerce and online store websitesE-commerce Online Stores

‘We design and implement e-commerce online shopping stores. We can integrate your store products with your brick-and-mortar shop inventory, or as a stand alone online store, where all of your buying and selling takes place. Online e-commerce is not restricted to selling physical products; they may also provide services such as travel websites.

Mobile websitesMobile Websites

We design all of our websites to ensure that they are made with a responsive design to ensure that the operate correctly and look excellent in all web browsers and on all devices, including smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This is necessary because of the increasing number of users searching on their hand held devices. All of our websites, including the types listed on this page are all made with responsive design.

Social networking websitesSocial Networking Websites

We design websites for social networking and similiar sites. These websites are often classified as Web 2.0 sites and include Facebook™, Orkut™, LinkedIn™, Twitter™, and others. These websites use a variety of utilities and features with new ones being added each day. For example, Dating websites offer services comparable to those of social networking so we would also add that type of website and similiar ones to our social networking catagory.

We produce all types of online directory websites from phone directories to website directoriesDirectory & Search Engine Websites

We design, build, and implement web directory portals that provide a broader foundation for your organization to market their different products and services by directing the website visitors to the products, services, and locations relevant to them, much like the yellow pages do. Our directories usually include an internal search engine that helps users quickly locate the information and location they are looking for.

Company informational type websites such as news websites.Informational Websites

We create, build and implement websites that are dedicated to the goal of providing information on a free or paid basis. These informational websites could be serving a niche or can be wider in scope; consequently, they are often labelled as “news portals”. Our Information website are easily managed and updated so that you can post up-to-date time tables, current reference material, sports schedules, current gold prices, as well as updated stock and weather information, or other type of information you choose.

Company websites that provide information on its services to keep customers and potential customers updatedCompany Websites

We build, design, and implement company websites that reflect the brand and style of your business. These business websites range from small to very large ones, depending on your needs, and could be a for-profit business or a non-profit business. These corporate websites have pages of information and other data on the businesses and clients they service or consumers they want to target. Generally, company websites don’t change very often, other than for recommended changes made for search engine optimization (SEO) and other web marketing services

Online forum websites where users can read and post questions, answers, and items for a specific community of usersOnline Forums

We design, build, and implement Forum websites that promote communications among the users. These forums can be open or by membership only and usually cater to a specific field, profession, or industry. You could make forums on biotechnology, charity work, individuals with certain types of illnesses, or various phobias; the list is endless. We develop Stand alone Forums or those that integrated with your current website. We design forums so that users could make categories that further define the topics. Registered users can post questions or answer questions, or start a topic which other users can also respond or add to.

Web 2.0 websites are considered as such because they tend to be more interactive with the user.Web 2.0 Websites

We create, design and implement Web 2.0 websites. These websites are generally more interactive than “static websites” (sites that do not change much), in that they provide a unique service and experience. The purpose of these websites, often include information storage, communication, file sharing manipulated for a unique personalized user experience. Sites like Google docs, Flickr, Vimeo, del.icio.us, and other websites with similar capabilities fall into this category. Unlike static webpages these interactive websites provide for a more personalized experience. Web 2.0 is considered the next web version, capability wise, and is utilized in our web design practices.

File Sharing Cloud based websites, often file sharing websites that securely hold company files.File Sharing Cloud Based Websites

File Sharing Cloud Websites’ text=’We design, build, and deploy file sharing cloud websites. Today,more and more companies are allowing employees to telecommute. In view of this, the value of file sharing websites continues to grow. We design file sharing websites that enable you to securely upload and download company files, which can consist of multimedia files, including music, video, documents, and more. These file sharing websites can be free or paid memberships.

  • We Build e-commerce websites and can develop your logo and brand
  • When required integrate codes and programs from banking and other systems into your website
  • Design a responsive website, that reflects your brand and identity
  • Work with you to identify potential web customers or clients, and design a website that makes sense demographically and geographically

  • Design a website that is custom-made and state-of-the-art, and stands out among competitors
  • Design a website that calls potential clients or customers to action, such as, “buy a product”, “join the mailing list”, “download a document or file”, or “call now”
  • Make sure that your brand and message doesn’t get diluted with unimportant information, clutter, and navigational confusion
  • Deliver your company’s message on the website both in writing and visually
  • Design landing pages that help to convert potential customers into customers

Intelligent Web Concepts, is an experienced full-service Internet web site development, marketing, and branding company, that specializes in search optimization and Internet marketing services.. For those companies that utilize our internet design and marketing services, we also offer our web clients custom logo design, video production and marketing solutions, from online banners and digital content of all kinds, to off-line print design solutions, from stationary to billboards.