Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

  • Google Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Bing & Yahoo Adwords (PPC)
  • Mobile Adwords PPC Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Campaigns
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Tracking
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Timing
  • PPC Search Engine Page Rank
  • Geographic & Demographic Targeting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • PPC Campaign Tweaking
  • Keyword & Campaign Research

We Have Years of Experience and Over $10,000,000 Dollars of PPC Marketing Experience and When Intelligent Web Concepts Manages Your Account, You Could Be Absolutely Sure That You Are Reaching Your Target Geographic and Demographic Audience To Share Your Products and/or Services With Those In Your Local Community or Throughout the United States.


Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) Adwords Set UpGoogle Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

We will use our knowledge obtained from millions of dollars of PPC experience to set up your Google PPC Adwords Account on all platforms and google ad networks, for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Bing & Yahoo Adwords (PPC) Bing & Yahoo Adwords (PPC)

We will set-up and maintain your Bing and Yahoo Adword accounts to ensure that you cover the major relevant PPC search engines to catch visitors that utilize these search engines.

Mobile Adwords PPC Marketing

Mobile Adwords PPC Marketing

Mobile PPC adwords marketing is essential in a comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign. While this is true for all types of mobile advertising, your ads should be geographically targeted so that consumers on the go can find your local business and advertising specials.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) CampaignsSocial Media Marketing (SMM) Campaigns

Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others are important advertising opportunities that promote digital word-of-mouth advertising and branding. We can design, develop, and implement a social media advertising strategy to facilitate a comprehensive marketing campaign to complement your PPC and other marketing strategies.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign TrackingPay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Tracking

We will keep track of your PPC Campaign so that your business could take advantage of opportunities, while watching out for click fraud and suspicious, perhaps competitor clicking activity.

PPC Keyword ManagementPPC Keyword Management

A devoted account specialist is available to review, manage, provide feedback on comments, answer questions, review concepts, and address any concerns your business may have.

Adwords Advertising Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign TimingPay-Per-Click Campaign Timing

We will make sure that your PPC Campaigned is timed correctly so that your ads are presented during the times that your target audience most likely searches for products and services.

PPC Search Engine Page RankPPC Search Engine Page Rank

We are available to design and implementation content that will increase your search engine page rank, including landing pages related to your PPC keywords and campaign.

Geographic & Demographic TargetingGeographic & Demographic Targeting

We will demographically & geographically target your keywords, which is essential to achieving high local search engine rankings and increasing relevancy to your target audience.

Client Conversion Rate OptimizationConversion Rate Optimization

We strive to enhance traffic quality to reduce campaign spending by increasing conversion rates, decreasing cost-per-click rates, cost-per-action rates, and cost-per-impression rates, through improved targeted keywords and increased landing page quality scores.

Adwords PPC Campaign Tweaking PPC Campaign Tweaking

We will continually modify your on going PPC campaign to ensure that your business takes advantage of marketing, advertising and branding opportunities, while considering routine search engine algorithm changes.

Specialty Keyword & Campaign ResearchKeyword & Campaign Research

We will conduct comprehensive key word research and provide reports so that your business can transparently and comprehensively asses that status of your PPC Marketing and advertising campaigns.

Google Pay-Per is The Quickest Way To Get Your Product or Service Out To Consumers?

General Pay-Per-Click Adwords Services

  • We gain a comprehensive knowledge of your company regarding PPC
  • A site evaluation & continuing consulting for PPC success
  • An extensive analysis of your PPC history (if available)
  • Established preliminary expectations and particular desired goals
  • Provide the initial PPC marketing and advertising strategy
  • Create, develop, and implement campaigns for search, display, service & product ads, mobile adds, and other relevant marketing & advertising
  • We utilize keyword analytics to ascertain your demographic & geographic targets and how and when to best reach them
  • Implement a negative keyword list to focus the presentation of your PPC adds
  • Based upon real world analytics, we categorize your ad groups, to target your matching options appropriately from desktops to mobile PPC campaigns
  • We continually produce several ads per ad groups for A/B testing, to ascertain what the most productive ads are to sell your products and services
  • Set PPC budgeting tools in a manner that enables you to plan for your marketing and advertising expenses
  • Set appropriate PPC Ad timing and demographic & geographic targeting
  • We install tracking code for google analytics and PPC conversion tracking, utilizing google analytics & where appropriate 3rd party Analytics

Additional Pay-Per-Click Adwords Service

General PPC Evaluation and Implementation.

  • We gain a comprehensive knowledge of your company regarding PPC
  • A devoted account specialist available to manage, provide feedback on comments, questions, concepts, and any concerns your business may have
  • Continuous PPC related website & Business consultations & recommendations
  • Constant PPC strategy development based upon keyword & relevant analytics
  • We provide updates to all implemented & developing strategies from desktop to mobile campaigns
  • Constant keyword ranking and bid analysis to reach and maintain targeted PPC marketing goals
  • Keyword PPC Performance deleting unproductive keywords while generating & adding additional keywords
  • Continuous campaign search engine rank tracking, ad copyrighting, a/b testing, and analysis
  • Ongoing Conversion rate optimization analysis
  • Detailed PPC return on investment (ROI) Analysis with client reports
  • Monitoring for click fraud and other possible unusual click activity
  • Make every effort to enhance traffic quality to reduce campaign spending by increasing conversions through improved quality scores by such methods as helping your business to create appropriate landing pages related to your keywords

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising, is the quickest and surest way to get to the front page fast , which involves paying for keywords or phrases related to what your potential customers would search for. If not done correctly, you could waste money fast. If your site is not designed correctly, Google can give you a low page ranking and charge more for your PPC listing while actually ranking your ad lower than others. Our experienced experts have managed over $2.5 million in targeted PPC advertising, and we can help you to effective manage your online PPC marketing campaigns, while avoiding many of the pitfalls that could arise if your not careful.

PPC advertising will help assure that search engine visitors that you intend to target as potential customers, see your message and brand. This is done by researching and picking specific keywords and phrases; creating multiple adds to see which ones get clicked the most. If you offer multiple products and/or services, you should have specific ads each going to specific landing pages where the potential customer is educated on your products and services, and then calls them to action in the form of “call us now”, “email us”, “join our mailing list”, “text us now”. The PPC campaign(s) also should be targeted to specific locations, so you don’t advertise in areas your not interested in advertising in.

PPC AD Types

There are many types of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad types that you can choose from and which often are used to complement each other. These include text ads, image ads, rich media ads, and video ads, for example:

– You can advertise where your ad is listed in the sponsored ad results at the top, bottom, and or side of the search engines page.

– Mobile ads are used to reach consumers on-the-go, as the ads appear in video, search results, and other website content, and apps, on their smart phones and tablets. Google indicates that research shows that 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal. Mobile PPC is a great way to expand your Adwords enhanced campaigns, build your brand, and attract consumers.

– The google ad network has millions of websites and google picks websites that most match the content of your advertisement and your type of business.

– On the google display network, you can advertise in multiple formats, ad sizes with text, animated and static image ads, interactive ads, rich sound, media and video ads, and adds that could change depending on whose looking at them.

– Eye catching video ads are a great way to attract customers and could be shown on the google display network, and adwords can be managed to display on YouTube next to your video(s).