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Mobile Marketing

At Intelligent Web Concepts, we design websites so that they are made with a responsive design that works across all devices, from smart phones, tablets, to desktops. Once your mobile website is ready for legal advertising and law firm marketing, in terms of having a clear message, easy navigation, and “call to action”, i.e., “Call Now”, “email us now”, etc., then you are ready for mobile marketing services that will successfully promote your brand and web presence, while combining synergistically with your law firms other marketing initiatives, both on and off the web.

As an experienced mobile advertising and marketing company, we can help your law firm or other company to:

– Design, develop, and implement a mobile user-friendly website with a responsive design that is attractive and works on smart phones, tablets, and similar devices.
– Establish a mobile presence
Optimization of all site content including video optimization for lightning fast page loading
– Streamlining online format and content to fit diverse platforms and ensure optimum user experience.
– Utilizing keyword, images, video, and more that clearly convey your brand and makes your mobile site relevant and to increase mobile search engine rankings.
– Fully integrated click-to-call and click-to-play-video capability

At Intelligent Web Concepts, we consider your mobile marketing and advertising campaigns to be an integral part of your total advertising strategy, and as such, should conform to best practices and standards in your law firms or other businesses search engine, social media, and other marketing strategies

Mobile Marketing ServicesMobile Marketing Services

We provide a full range of mobile marketing services from Search Engine Optimization to paid services, including Pay-Per-Click (PPC), both on a local or global scale.

Mobile Analytics Mobile Analytics

With our multiple methods of analytics we can develop a mobile marketing strategy that takes the guess work out of what mobile content engages your customers to buy your products and services to drive up sales.

Mobile Pay Per Click (PPC)Mobile Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click advertising and marketing is the quickest way to target your prospective customers, by geographic location, demographics, and multiple other metrics.

Mobile SEO Search Engine OptimizationMobile Search Engine Optimization

Mobile SEO is essential to high search engine rankings. Mobile search engine optimization is always essential, while very effective, and takes more time to establish your business in the search engine rankings, than PPC which is more immediate.

Mobile Geotargeted Local Content

Geotargeted Local Mobile Content

Mobile Content that is geographically targeted while being mobile friendly, informs potential consumers of your business while providing directions to your local place of business, along with sales and specials that your business may be offering.

Mobile QR CodesMobile QR-Codes

QR-Codes make it easy for customers to scan your information, without typing it, so that they have your business information handy on their smart phones, which they can then share with other potential customers

Mobile SMS Text AdsMobile SMS Text Ads

SMS Ads are a very effective form of advertising and enables you to encourage potential consumers on short notice to product and service specials, for example, “3 cup cakes for $2, for next two hours” or “Haircuts for $9.99 for today only”, along with virtually any message relevant to your business.

Mobile Apps Design and Mobile MarketingMobile Apps

Mobile apps, are what you download from Google Play or Itunes, and they are very effective in advertising and marketing, because in addition to containing your website online store or other information, as all the websites we build do, but they also allow for “push notifications” which include advertisements that the mobile app owner subscribes to in advance.

In addition to the conventional mobile marketing and advertising services that we offer, the uniqueness of the mobile advertising space, allows us to:

  • Mobile Content Production and Marketing
  • Mobile Branding, Identity, & Reputation
  • Mobile Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
  • Mobile Paid Strategies
  • Mobile Video Production & Marketing
  • Mobile Search Analytics
  • Mobile SMS Ads
  • Mobile APPS

  • Design, Promote, Analyze, and Optimize Mobile marketing campaigns that utilize location-based advertising.
  • Run advertising campaigns that feature mobile barcode technologies (for all your advertsing)
  • Use (SMS) text messaging, alerts, and other notification campaigns.
  • Stir up business by sending time sensitive advertising text, to, for example, “For the next Three (3) hours only, buy 2 cupcakes get 2 cupcakes free.
  • Target customers or clients with individual texts within a specific geographical location
  • Target mobile prospects by demographics, including age, gender, language, etc.
  • Our copywriting is always done with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind to help build a search engine presence, by utilizing relevant keywords
  • Mobile Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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