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Intelligent Web Concepts, e-mail marketing strategy and services not only builds brand awareness without spamming and annoying current and potential customers, but it also promotes products and services you are offering by reaching targeted demographics and geographics with well timed and smart e-mails. E-mail advertising and marketing can also complement your companies monthly newsletter. Targeted e-mail marketing, makes it possible to reach a considerable audience to present special savings promotions, introduce new services and products, while increasing your brand awareness, while allowing customer feedback. Our marketing via email strategies complement all of your other marketing strategies so you’re able to boost your market share.

With our effective e-mail marketing methods, which we could design and implement your advertising campaign from inception to completion, to ensure that it is being done effectively, legally and ethically. We will assist you in reaching your customers, in a timely, proper, cost-effective way that engages the recipient. We can will also assist your company in increasing the size of your mailing list with potential and current consumers. Our e-mail marketing services, have the same goals as our other marketing services, including social media marketing (SMM) which is to inform, and positively promote your brand, while increasing your return on investment ( ROI).

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Intelligent Web Concepts is a full service Email Marketing Company is always available for any email marketing project needed to enhance your website’s traffic.

Worthwhile e-mail marketing campaigns serve as a relevant and interesting conversation between your company and its subscribers. It’s an engaging dialogue that keeps the receiver hooked, as it gives value for the receiver’s lifestyle. Learning how to achieve that value involves an understanding of what the target audience desires – the things they would possibly want from a conversation with you. Rather then speculating which dialog content will interest the recipient. Guessing frequently generates a decrease in your client base, as well as lower rate of return on investment ( ROI) results. The e-mail advertising and marketing experts at Intelligent Web Concepts, have the know-how to develop and implement the emails content to make it personal to the receiver, to make your email marketing and advertising campaign its most effective.

Email Marketing & NewslettersEmail Marketing & Newsletters

We provide the full range of e-mail marketing services from e-mail template design, copywriting, analytics, management, and more.

Email Marketing VideosEmail Marketing Videos

‘Email marketing has become very sophisticated and much more engaging to the e-mail receiver. Good videos that add value to the email recipients desires and goals translate into higher response rates and more efficient branding for your business.

e-mail-address-finderE-mail Address Finding

Whether you have compiled your own opt-in email contact list, or would like us to help you develop an email list for e-mail recipients that want to receive your companies emails, our experienced staff can help to build and maintain quality email campaigns. We utilize real-time abuse and spam prevention systems.

Email NetworkingEmail Networking

‘With email and newsletter networking, you can send your clients product galleries with live data , polls, request comments and feedback, forms and anything else you would find on a website to keep your relevant community up to date on your brand.

Email Copywriting & Content DevelopmentEmail Copywriting & Content Development

We can help you develop email content, including paragraphs & texts, video, eCommerce, Images and galleries, Headers, RSS feeds, and audio to put in your emails.

Mobile Email MarketingMobile Email Marketing

All of our email marketing campaigns are made with responsive design templates to ensure that they work equally well in all devices from smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers

Email Event & Website TrackingEmail Event & Website Tracking

These analytical tools integrate with your website to non-intrusively and respecting privacy to track a visitors interaction with your website. With this information automated personal targeted email advertising campaigns can be automatically generated

SMS Text AdsSMS Ads

SMS Ads are a very effective form of advertising and enables you to encourage potential consumers on short notice to product and service specials, for example, “3 cup cakes for $2, for next two hours” or “Haircuts for $9.99 for today only”, along with virtually any message relevant to your business.

Email & Newsletter Analytics Email Analytics

Utilizing email analytics, we can tell who was engaged by the emails, for example watched the email video, passed it on to someone else, trashed it, and whether they are reaching both demographically and geographically your potential customers. With this information, your email campaigns can be modified to increase marketing and branding effectiveness.

Conditional Email MarketingConditional Email Marketing

Email marketing that it based upon conditions, for example, an email indicating that a consumer left items in their shopping cart and left your store before finishing their purchase, and asking them to come back to do so. If they do not come back in a certain time frame, another email is automatically generated sending them another follow-up email, this time, with a discount if the complete their purchases.

What does targeted emailing and news letters when done correctly do?

  • Builds and reinforces branding and credibility
  • Reaches specifically targeted potential new customers and clients
  • Can be targeted by geographic location and demographically to be relevant to the receiver.
  • Complements both online and offline advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Create an email that is consistent with your brand both in style and substance.
  • Fast turnaround times for immediate feedback
  • Modify your email campaigns and take advantage of potential sales prospects with analytics and reporting
  • Creation, design, and implementation of email copywriting for an effective marketing campaign.
  • Subject line testing to ensure that potential customers open your marketing email.

  • Emails that are triggered depending on how the user to previous emails respond.
  • A plan to develop a mailing contact list that grows in size.
  • Build and promote a reliable, long-term relations with your clientele by cost-effective, highly targeted email marking and advertising, thereby increasing customer retention.
  • Focus your email marketing campaign on a specific goal for increased effectiveness.

All of our email campaigns comply with CAN-SPAM government rules and regulations.