Banner Ads for Web and Print Advertising
(We Produce Graphics in All Sizes & Formats)

  • Intelligent Web Concepts Banner

    Intelligent Web Concepts Banner

  • Law Firm Marketing Banner

    Law Firm Marketing Banner

  • Improve Your Marketing Banner

    Improve Your Marketing Banner

  • Estates Wills & Trust Banner

    Estates Wills & Trust Banner

  • Divorce & Family Law Banner

    Divorce & Family Law Banner

  • Business Contracts Banner

    Business Contracts Banner

  • DUI & Divorce Banner

    DUI & Divorce Banner

  • Criminal Lawyer Banner

    Criminal Lawyer Banner

  • Intelligent Web Concepts (SEO) Banner

    Intelligent Web Concepts (SEO) Banner

  • Social Security Disability (SSD) Banner

    Social Security Disability (SSD) Banner

  • Consumer Law Banner

    Consumer Law Banner

  • High Search Engine Rankings

    High Search Engine Rankings

  • Start Marketing Today

    Start Marketing Today


Advertising Banners for Google & Social Media

We specialize in creating all types of Custom banner ads, display banner ads, Google paid search banners, and all other types of banner ad advertising both online and offline.

Banner ads or web banner ads is one of the many forms of advertising on the internet and it involves the embedding and displaying of  images and sometimes videos, containing other images, messages, and calls to action (for example, “click here”), relating to your business and places them on various websites throughout the internet from blogs, eCommerce stores, news websites, and virtually any other place that advertising banners could attract potential customers .  These advertising and marketing banners are usually part of a complete online marketing program.  For example, let’s say you go to Google and search for a new watch and as a result, Google will provide you with its pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and its organic (non-paid) listings for different types of watches.  What then happens is that a thing referred to as a “cookie” is placed on your computer, which remembers that you searched for a watch.  If you then go to another website at a later time, that website, if it is part of Google’s paid search banner network, will read the cookie on your computer, know that you are looking for watches, and will start showing you banner ads for various watches for sale. Another example, perhaps you have seen this before, you type “accident lawyer” in Google and then you eventually leave Google to go to other websites that happen to have advertisements on them. You will then start seeing Banners related to personal injury law firms offering free consultations. You then go to a news website, and again, you will start seeing accident lawyer ads. This type of advertising is very effective and should be considered for any marketing program.


Google Adwords Network Banner Ads

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